Creator: KC Garza
Webcomic Link: Superbitch

Summary: Superbitch is the webcomic tale of Rheagan, an empowered individual making her mark on the hero-for-hire scene with her sarcasm, apathy, and generally heavy handed use of violence. The comic also includes several other regular characters, primarily Caroline (Creatrix, an impoverished artist) and Quinn (just Quinn, a typical “hacker guy”). Superbitch definitely falls into the category of comedy, though there are some story arcs that play out from strip to strip.

Story: The writing in Superbitch is just right for what it is. The snark, the reference humor, and the tropes that are played with make it an enjoyable read. But most importantly, the strips remain relate-able, taking jabs at things that the young-adult demographic can truly appreciate.

Art: Superbitch has been illustrated in a plethora of styles over the years, beginning in a detailed black and white style, going to full color at some point, and then eventually settling into the more cartoon-ish look that most people know it for. While none of these styles are bad, the most recent is definitely the most effective for the tone of the series. It’s hard not to change somewhat over so many installments, but the change in styles can be a bit jarring if the reader is starting from the beginning. The comics flow nicely, conveying the jokes in a light and easy-to-read manner.


Conclusion: There is one critical problem with Superbitch, and it isn’t the website (which is quite simple and easy to use). The webcomic has actually recently gone into an undefined hiatus, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t read what’s already there! Additionally, if you enjoy it, the creator has already mentioned that they have several other upcoming projects that you could keep an eye out for. I would definitely recommend this comic to my less sensitive friends.

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