Creator: Joe Medeiros
Webcomic Link: Sydney or the Bush

Summary: Sydney or the Bush is a comedic strip about Jack the rabbit, a tiny bunny with a big disdain for most things and most people. Typically, the majority of this ire comes from either the lack of patronage to his record store, or his stoner coworker Ray. Sydney or the Bush is a comedy strip doesn’t follow a strict story-line and is in strip format, though occasionally there are gags that run for multiple strips.

Story: The comedy in Sydney or the Bush is fairly simple and enjoyable observation type comedy, taking normal situations and adding a bit of rabbit-snark to make them chuckle worthy. I personally found Jack’s character far more relate-able, like Red Foreman from that 70’s show, only shorter and with more hair. And continuing with that analogy, Ray would be Leo, Tommy Chong’s (of Cheech and Chong fame) impossibly stoned hippie character. They’re simple tropes and they’re played well in this strip.


Art: The art is simple and almost always black and white. The expressions are easy to read and highly animated, and the layouts don’t do a whole lot of experimenting. There’s not too much good or bad to say. The art does exactly what it needs to, 100%.

Conclusion: The website for this comic could do with a bit up updating and streamlining, and unfortunately there won’t be any new Sydney or the Bush for a bit, but the archive still includes a relatively large collection of strips for people to read. Overall, it’s cute and funny. Nothing game changing, but worth checking out. If you enjoy classic funny-paper strips like Garfield, this is worth your time.

Also I have no idea what the name of this comic is about.

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