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Creator: Alan Henderson
Webcomic: The Penned Guins

Summary: The Penned Guins is a comedy strip, in true Sunday Morning Paper style. It uses simple black and white penguins as its primary characters, though (as I can tell) there are no recurring personalities or themes.


Story: While there is no plot to speak of in The Penned Guins, the jokes are enjoyably cheesy, as if “dad jokes” became incarnate in these tiny tuxedo’d penguins. The series relies heavily on puns, and a very simplistic structure. It’s not something you’ll want to binge in one sitting, but it’s definitely worth an occasional smile.


Art: The art in The Penned Guins is very simplistic, almost always in three-panel strips. The characters do not change much and avoid complicated angles of composition. In the end though, that’s not what the strip is for, and it serves to accomplish the simple gags.


Conclusion: The Penned Guins strips are good, clean, classic fun. They do not accomplish anything spectacular, but the breadth of the work and the wholesome feel (along with the easy to navigate website) make them enjoyable to occasionally check out. I’d recommend following the webcomic’s social media for a laugh when they update if you enjoy things like Garfield or Dilbert.

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