Creator: Der Adrian
Webcomic Link: Twosome Pair: A Couple’s Tale

Summary: Twosome Pair: A Couple’s Tale is a comedic web series about two avid travelers and their experiences around the world. It is less of an ongoing story and more of illustrated snapshots of favorite memories and jokes. The first season of the comic is composed of single animated panels, while the second changes to actual comic strips and a radically different art-style, forgoing the animation.

Story: While there isn’t a whole lot of story in Twosome Pair, it does have well written and envisioned scenes. The humor is very light, and some updates are simply warm and tender moments. Occasionally, there were jokes that I didn’t quite understand the point of, or they were hard to follow. But for the most part, issues were enjoyable and upbeat.


Art: The art in A Couple’s Tale, both before and after the change, is nice, cartoonish, and poppy. I personally much prefer the comic style that Der Adrian changed to in the second season. Below is an example of that art, solid and done well. I do find it a little weird that they both have exactly the same haircut, but I suppose that can’t be helped if this is based on real people.


Conclusion:  Twosome Pair: A Couple’s Tale is solid, warm, and fuzzy, but it’s not exactly something that reaches out and grabs your attention. I feel like more comics for each leg of the journey would make it far more interesting, allowing the reader to experience the journey along with the characters, but as it stands, everything is so spread out and random that it’s hard to become engrossed.

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