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Creator: Robert White
Webcomic: Versus


Summary: Versus is a very simple webcomic that follows a steady format. Within each strip, a single panel is presented with a title that pits two different types of people, or concepts, at one another. The interaction between the disparate persons is what provides this comedy comic’s punchline.


Story: Despite the name, Versus doesn’t involve actual combat or action. There is no story to speak of; only a concept that is repeated in an admirably consistent way. The jokes are simple. The characters are cliche. The dialogue is witty, but brief. Really, the strength of the webcomic is how simple and predictable it is. The lightness makes it easy to click through several dozen of the pages to pass the time, getting an occasional chuckle along the way.


Art: The art of Versus is entirely black and white, with a cartoon-ish style and expressive characters. The anatomy of the characters could use a bit of work, not in an effort for more realism, but consistency and proportion to itself. The bodies sometimes feel off balance without this. Page and panel construction does not come into play, as each strip is only a single scene. Additionally, that scene is set up in relatively the same way each update, but this fits the overall theme of the comic.



Conclusion: Versus is simple, innocent, one-shot gags that are amusing and easy to read. There’s no dark humor here, nothing particularly edgy. You won’t find yourself crying, clutching your sides in laughter. But the comic is solid, and enjoyable enough if you like jokes leaning towards the “silly” side.

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