WeLoveFine Debuts Their New Spider-Verse Collection

We Love Fine has debuted their new Spider-Verse collection and, man, is it pretty. Made for men and women, the Spider-Verse collection includes fashions for all your favorite Spider-people and comes in a variety of styles and sizes. Personally, I’m in love with the Moto Jacket and, while WeLoveFine says it’s the first one they’ve ever done, I have a feeling it won’t be the last. The Spider-Verse collection is designed by Catherine Elhoffer and you can pre-order now for an estimated January delivery.

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Photography by Greg DeStefano

Also, WeLoveFine was kind enough to provide info on the models and who’s wearing what.

Michael Huffman is wearing the Spider-Gwen pullover sweater, Spider-Gwen hoodie, Miles Morales knit sweater, and the classic Peter Parker cardigan.

Jessica LG is wearing the Silk leggings, Silk button-up hi-lo top, Spider-Gwen pullover sweater, Silk pullover knit sweater, Silk open front cardigan, Spider-Gwen Cover Sweatshirt, Spider-Woman Moto Jacket, Miles Morales knit sweater, classic Peter Parker cardigan, Spider-Gwen Dolman, Silk Dolman, and the Spider-Woman Dolman.

Anastasia Washington is wearing Miles Morales knit sweater, Spider-Gwen Dolman, Silk Dolman, Spider-Gwen pullover sweater and the Spider-Woman Dolman.

Meredith Placko is wearing the Silk leggings, Silk button-up hi-lo top, and the Spider-Gwen Cover Sweatshirt.

You can check out the Spider-Verse collection at WeLoveFine.