What’s in it for you? by Tyler James from ComixTribe

You know what phrase I’m sick of hearing?

“There’s no money in comics.”

It’s just not true.

The entire commune of Angouleme was a celebration of the medium this past weekend, and a big revenue generator for that region of France. Marvel and DC have built two of the most lucrative catalogs of IP in the history of mankind on the backs of their comics.  More than $40 million dollars has been raised on Kickstarter to fund comics and graphic novel projects, mostly by independent creators.

There IS money in comics… 

But that doesn’t mean its easy to come by.  And as someone working in the medium of comics journalism, I know I don’t have to tell you that! However, I did want to alert you to something that’s coming, that I think may help. (Actually, it’s already here.) I had the opportunity to talk to Scott Adamson, co-founder of Kickbooster, recently. Kickbooster is the first “cash-back affiliate service for Kickstarter campaigns.”  Any of you who’ve spent any time in the online marketing space know that affilitate marketing is one of the biggest sources of income for podcasters, bloggers, YouTubers, and more.

Well, know affiliate marketing is here for Kickstarter projects. 

Whether that’s a good thing, or a bad thing, only time will tell… But my sense is that if you’ve started to write off covering Kickstarter campaigns, the development of Kickbooster might make you reconsider that position. After all, when was the last time you got PAID to recommend or review a comic book?  The direct market system simply doesn’t allow for a good affiliate program to work for comics…

But Kickstarter + Kickbooster certainly does. 

Anyway, I see this as a potentially big development in the promotion of crowdfunding campaigns in 2016… and a way for you to put some well-deserved cash in your pocket.  Thought it would be something you’d be interested in knowing about.  I go into much more detail on Kickbooster in the latest episode of the ComixLaunch Podcast, so if you’re interested in learning more, I hope you give it a listen.  And please, after you’ve had a chance to look into it, I’d love to hear whether you think this is the game changer I think it might be.

Tyler James

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