When Kickstarter Projects Work! Delta Vol. 1

In a world that is engulfed with magic, what do you think it will take to completely change the way humanity looks at life? To do the unthinkable and remove magic from knowledge and bring science to the forefront? Or is it really a bad thing? This is what creator Ryan Nichols shows us in his successful Kickstarter, Delta Anthology: Volume 1.

8785c1ae0ffbcdc316458feae80bfe0a_originalLike any kickstarter projects, the end goal is to see your project come to life. But for Ryan it’s more than that. He has tapped into a world that opens the imagination to the idea that the world as we know it can be seen from two viewpoints: Magic and Science. Throughout the history of time, we know that magic has been the life force or the glue within our own existence, but there are some who feel otherwise. Delta: Volume 1, is a collection of 12 stories of Pagan,who has seen the world go through all sorts of changes because of the decisions of others, and his struggle to ensure that magic is known throughout the world.

What stands out to me about this particular project, I have to go back to the initial video created by Ryan where he talks about the project. When there are so many options on Kickstarter, it can be difficult to filter through all of the options that there are to choose from. However, When the video introducing the project is produced well, scripted well, and a great book to begin with, you then have that right combination to a successful project. The humor that Ryan brought really made the project that much more fun.

So why the focus on this project over others? It’s simple really. When it comes to Kickstarter projects, we would love to see every project be fully funded, and according to Kickstarter, that percentage is high for comics. 51.3% to be precise have been successful. With this project specifically, it not only met it’s goal, but it doubled it’s goal.

ryan Which for any project is amazing. I had the chance to talk with Ryan Nichols about his book and the process as a whole and to hear his passion for his project, it was a glimpse for me into that creative process that any creator would go through to see their idea become a reality. (For that interview, listen to our episode on the Flipside Focus to hear from the man


All in all, this book sold itself, but with the help of the creator and his passion, and the passion of the community that loves it’s independent comics, we will get an amazing book and more! All because we said Yes we want that! A Huge shutout and congratulations again to Ryan Nichols on his successful project, and I speak for many of us when I say we are excited for the book to come out. To all aspiring comic book creators I say to you, Don’t give up on your dream. Put it all on the page and make the best work that you can, and you too can see your idea become a reality.


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