Why Jamie Me Wrote Political Thriller “Queen”

British comic creator Jamie Me is in his final week on Kickstarter, and this time he is offering ALL of his comics. The self-titled bundle includes the highly rated QUEEN and START AGAIN, and the award-winning webcomic, compiled for the first time, IRL (The Best Bits).

Jamie Me asked is if he could tell you what inspired the creation of his first comic, QUEEN, and below is a look at his inspiration, artwork from the project and a link to his current Kickstarter.


I created QUEEN while I was under therapy for OCD, and part of that experience was dealing with the controversial company ATOS. ATOS were in-charge of judging whether or not you were fit for work, or not. To cut a long story short: I struggled to go outside, washed my hands thirty odd times a day to the point they’d bleed and had to have someone take me to the meeting, but because I said I was trying my best to return to work… that meant I was ready there and then to them.

For whatever reason, I became obsessed with politics. I’d watch intently, and I couldn’t believe the levels of corruption that we just allow to pass us by every day like MP’s claiming taxes they aren’t entitled to, Prime Minister’s benefiting from offshore accounts and then you have the peculiar like our Jeremy Hunt, The Secretary of State for Health, who wears his NHS badge with pride, but has his name attached to a book calling for it’s demise. The list goes on and on, and make no mistake… the bad guys aren’t winning. They won a long time ago. The entire world suffers from the global financial crisis, and those who “arguably” caused it, the bankers, earn disgustingly large bonuses to this day.

So, with all that swishing around in my head, and a deep love for stories such as Code Geass and Death Note, I started to write QUEEN. The story is about the Deputy Prime Minister, Emily Green, and her guilt for playing a part in a political system that she no longer believes in. She wants out, but what if she could change things? A mysterious caller offers her the power, but at what cost… this all ends in the death of the Prime Minister, and you have to decide who is to blame.

Queen is the perfect comic for people who hate politics and, like me, want to land a punch against what they see as a corrupt system.

If that sounds interested to you then you can check out his current Kickstarter campaign that includes QUEEN, a superhero boy meets girl comic called START AGAIN, and a collected edition of his webcomic IRL that just won a “Excellence in Webcomics Award” in the slice-of-life category. Here is a link to hit!

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