The Woods #5
Story: James Tynion IV
Art: Michael Dialynas
Publisher: Boom! Studios
On Sale 09/03/2014


The mystery continues in this latest issue for James Tynion IV and Michael Dialnyas who are the mysterious armored figures that have captured our heroes?

As this is the beginning of the next arc in this tale Tynion uses this opportunity to dial things back and spends half of the issue focusing on 3 of the main cast pre abduction. Focusing on Karen, Maria and Sanami and their friendship provides some fantastic depth to these characters and gives the reader a glimpse into how and why they act in the manners they do post invasion. Especially Maria whom is shown to be very protective and utterly devoted to her position on the student council, it is teen angst of the highest order but is presented to the reader in such a believable fashion that you begin to remember what life was like a school or could relate to it if you are currently in a similar situation you will instantly relate and become invested emotionally in these characters. Its main focus is the theme of true friends and as this side story reaches is climax Tynion brings this point home wonderfully and I felt myself smiling, happy for the characters find solace in each other.

This issue also allows Dialynas to show his range as an artist, as a lot of this issue is devoted to pre abduction you see him render real world situations in the school with great detail. Little details in the background present the picture of a living breathing school, the colouring also changes to give the reader a visual queue but show the school not as a shadowy place to fear but, a brighter vibrant place. It echoes of our characters harking back to simpler time when their only worry was immediate friends, family and their grades, not survival on a harsh alien world almost hoping that they were back there.

Whilst the main story continues with a few twists and turns (as I have come to expect from this comic), slowing down this issue may take a few readers off guard. However, this serves to flesh out the overall story and characters that Tynion is building and proves another solid addition to this series.



By Matt Deery

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