Writing my First Novel

Hey Comic Crusaders!

I just wanted to inform you all that there is an actual reason I have not been posting as many reviews and articles recently. I quit doing Lightning Reviews last spring and aside from the occasional interview or review, there has been nothing from my end. Well, much of my time has gone into consuming EVERY Marvel Comic to adequately contribute to the No Prize Podcast on the Undercover Capes Network. As many as they put out every week, you’d be surprised how long that takes. Rest assured though, I am constantly reading comics and you never know when I’ll drop a review on ya.

I am also currently reading an advanced copy of a novel coming out in September called Paradox Bound by my favorite modern writer Peter Clines. I have an interview with him scheduled for August to discuss his hit Ex-Heroes series (superheroes + zombies = badass), his other great sci-fi books 14 and The Fold, and his relationship with Hollywood. I’m very pumped about it, to say the least.

The main reason I’m not contributing like I was however is that I am currently working on my first novel. I’ve had this idea for several years, but never pursued it because I was too busy or had no faith in my abilities as a writer. However, after working with Comic Crusaders, I have grown in my confidence and am realizing that if my career as a mechanical engineer isn’t coming to fruition, then I can try my hand as a writer. The book is not about comics or superheroes or anything you’d expect from me, but I feel as though it may be the start of something great for me. There’s science fiction, romance, drama, tragedy, and mystery (and surprisingly little humor) I’m incorporating into my work, but it will take time. A lot of time, hence my apparent absence. Comic Crusaders will be here for me every step of the way, in hopes of reaching publication. I hope to finish as soon as possible, but with everything else going on, I estimate it will take several months of dedicated work.

In July, I will be especially committed to my novel (which is still under the 10,000 word mark) because I am doing Camp NaNoWriMo online with a goal of 25,000 words. This should triple my word count and give me enough to work with to have a clear idea of finish dates and novel length. This will last all month, so my writing for the site will be minimal. Sorry for the absence, but I’m hoping it is worth it in the end! Wish me luck!

P.S. Hope you had a Happy Fourth of July! BAMF!

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