XO Manowar 27 Review



The latest issue of XO Manowar explores the mysteries of the armor hunters and shows how they

have acquired their ultra-lethal skills against used to fight the armors such as XO Manowar. Diving

into this story you really need to be up to date on the goings on in the current Armor Hunters

storyline. This works really well as a solo issue showcasing just how bad ass this group of warriors

are, even if they are going up against something as powerful as one of the alien armors. However,

without the regular cast of characters it is what could be described as filler story, if it wasn’t so much

fun. Venditti centres this script on 2 new recruits wondering just what the hell they have got

themselves into. The story then gives some glimpse into the backgrounds of the armors, how

tactics have evolved to kill them and the new squads first kill, it all flows into a great narrative so you

could pick this issue up and get some great background on the series before even picking up the first


The art in this issue is simply stunning. It gives great life to the varied cast of aliens that make up the

armor hunters, the best type of book I can compare it too is Green Lantern Corps. Much like that

book the alien designs are varied and interesting and you can spend a good while on a page taking in

the look and feel of these species. The colors pop out of the page especially with this varied cast

each color is chosen so against familiar backdrops of deserts and forests each character stands out.

XO Manowar is another solid entry into this series from Valiant, what I thought could have just been

a filler issue provides a really interesting narrative and a great one and done story that fills in the

background of these mysterious hunters that have come seeking Aric’s armor.


By Matt Deery

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