REVIEW: Zero #11

Story By: Ales Kot
Art By: Ricardo Lopez Ortiz
Art By: Jordie Bellaire
Cover By: Ricardo Lopez Ortiz
Cover By: Tom Muller
Variant Cover By: Sarah Horrocks
Variant Cover By: Tom Muller


Ales Kot espionage thriller continues in a book that I find really curious to read, the first issue grabbed me instantly with a great concept and action but, since this series inception I find that I drift in and out of the story as the issues go by. This issue is one that pulls me straight back in; Zero is now on the run having left the agency and is living in Iceland with Siobhan Penn and looking very much in love.

This issue is a very quick read due to a lack of dialogue however this is not to the detriment of the book, it is a fantastic read. Kot allows much of the story telling to fall upon this issues artist Ricardo Ortiz which he does with his wonderfully expressive art. Each characters emotions are clearly displayed you can tell when they are happy, angry or in love very easily and whilst a lot of readers will blast through the opening few pages you should not, studying each panel reveals a lot of subtleties in this story which quick glances at the panels will mean you miss them. Ortiz also really knows how to construct an action scene, creating a wonderfully tense affair that really allows you get to get a sense of the flow of the action and feel each blow landed.

This issue is more of a break from our regularly scheduled programming with Edward not out on a mission or taking the Agency head on instead allowing us to explore his character a little deeper, he no longer the weapon he was created to be and has instead become a better-rounded human being. The last page reveal will clearly have ramifications in future arcs and it will be interesting to see where the series branches out from here and just what course Edward’s life will go.

Zero 11 is another great entry into this series, providing tonnes of character development and allowing readers to catch their breath before diving into the next mission. I urge everyone to give this series a go, Kot is building a great mythology behind this series with great nuance and important messages that people should sit up and take note of.

By Matt Deery



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