REVIEW: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #3

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Aye Yai Yai Yai Yai Tommy isn’t feeling too great after his fight with Scorpina and is left with no choice but to tell his fellow Rangers that Rita has been talking to him in his head and making him see things, with trust already at breaking point between him and the rest of the Rangers tempers flare and harsh words are exchanged but time is short as Rita begins her final assault with the ultimate weapon…. the Dragonzord!

If you’ve read any of my previous reviews for this title you might have noticed the pattern of me gushing over this book, my love for is title has only grown stronger with each issue.
Once in a while you pick up a comic and it feels like it was written just for you, that’s how I feel about this book. The art is fantastic with its hints of real world mixed with the right amount of cartoony style, the covers have been great with a lot of variants to choose from but most of the time the standard cover has been the stand out champ.

The story works for new readers and fans of the show as it’s a direct tie in to episodes of the show filling in gaps as to how Tommy’s integration on to the team happened. The story shows just why Rita is such a fantastic villain and is used to perfection. The tone changes are used so well as everything with the Rangers is colourful and bright while on the moon with Rita the pages are darker and more serious.

I have to admit I get far too excited when the team morphs as the morphing panels are so much fun, something as simple as a half Ranger half Trini panel is a winner in my book. Next issue looks set to be a beat down brawl between the Megazord and the Dragonzord and its gonna be MIGHTY!

A powerful 5 stars for a book that seems to be able to do no wrong.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #3
Written by Kyle Higgins
Illustrated by Hendry Prasetya
Colours by Matt Herms
Letters by Ed Dukeshire
Published by Boom Studios
Reviewed by Dawn of Comics

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