REVIEW: Elasticator #3

For a recap check out my reviews for both issues 1 and 2.

Right off the bat I have to just say how much I enjoy the art in this book, it’s over the top animated style looks awesome with some truly outstanding pages in this issue especially as we finally get to see our title character come into his powers.

Mikey is still recapping the gang war that not only saw his friends killed but turned him into the Elasticator and also telling the cops about Brother V, a chemically enhanced henchman that no one messes with. Being thrown out by his father for Delivering drugs Mikey wants out and his friend and boss Tig is willing to help him, that doesn’t sit well with a rival dealer and all hell breaks loose as both Mikey and Tig are seemingly killed, Tig is sadly shot while Mikey is drowned in a vat of chemicals but emerges with stretching powers and hallucinating that the gang members are demons and proceeds to open up a can of Shaq-fu on their asses. The build up was not a disappointment as Mikey kicking butt in glorious panel after panel is stunning.

The overall story has been interesting enough to keep a reader happy but I am glad we finally get to see what Mikey can do, 3 issues in doesn’t seem like a long time to wait but reading monthly it feels a little long, this might read better as a trade but that’s not to say it’s slow, far from it, it’s just that after the amazing first issue cover I’ve wanted to see the Elasticator in action and this issue gave me just that, albeit without the costume for now but hopefully next issue.

This issue is where I’ve wanted to be since issue 1 so it deserves full marks. 5 stars!

Elasticator #3
Written by A.C. Medina
Art by Kevin Shah
Colours by Ross A. Campbell
Letters by Micah Myers
Cover by Jean-Francois Beulieu
Published by Scout Comics
Reviewed by Dawn of Comics

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